Puhutaan Jemenistä

Voluntary activism

Creative Director,

The UN has described the war in Yemen as one of the worst humanitarian crisis in our world. A group of active citizens decided that we must talk about Yemen. In October 2018, Puhutaan Jemenistä event was held focusing on three key topics: what is happening in Yemen, how can we help, and what is Finland’s role. The event featured keynote speeches by CMI’s Mimi Massala and researcher and professor Susanne Dahlgren, as well as two panel discussions featuring Congressman Ozan Yanar (Green party), Save the Children’s Tapio Laakso, MSF’s Linda Konate, YLE’s reporter Aishi Zidan, SaferGlobe’s Kari Paasonen and Sadankomitea’s Timo Mielonen. The event was hosted by reporter Sean Ricks.

With pressure caused by NGOs, organisations, and #PuhutaanJemenistä, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced that Finland will halt granting permits of export arms to Saudi Arabi and UAE.

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