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Sara Salmani (she/her) is an actor, producer, and public speaker. She holds an extensive career as a speaker on diversity, equity, and inclusion, but her passion for acting and films have followed her since childhood.

Combining these two passions as an entrepreneur, Sara has always been driven by the strong purpose of creating a more inclusive environment, whether that would be in the field of arts or business. 


Her work has gained notable recognition, including award-winning campaigns and training global companies and organizations. Continuously growing as an actor, Sara has quickly gained experience in screen acting, adding to her work of building inclusive representation and changing narratives. 

Growing up without any visible role models, Sara has always paved her own path, being a pioneer in her community in multiple ways. She believes in having the courage to follow her heart and, like many others, tries her best to contribute to making this planet a bit of a better place for everyone. 

Read more about her work as an actor here and more on her work in DEI and public speaking here.  

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Born to an Iranian father and a Finnish mother, and currently residing in Helsinki, Finland, Sara is fluent in English, Finnish, and Farsi. She practices the piano, yoga, boxing, hiking, and has explored the techniques of fencing. Sara describes herself as an average cook and a killer carpool karaoke singer.