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Sara Salmani (she/her) is an actor, producer, and public speaker. Her obsession and passion for films followed her since childhood, and she ended up graduating as a Bachelor of Arts in cinematography. As she entered working life, she quickly realized the barriers faced as a Muslim woman within the industry and working life in general. Like many other underrepresented colleagues in her situation, this realization led to her paving the path for inclusion. Sara began to consult organizations on DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) which resulted in producing several national and international award-winning inclusive campaigns that strive to normalize diversity. Her collaborations with some of the largest companies in the world have allowed her to grow an extensive career as a public speaker on the topic. 

But her passion for making films never died. In 2020, after working long to break down barriers, Sara felt that she could finally allow herself to follow her one true dream - acting. Growing up without any visible role models, she never imagined that it was a dream that she could, or was allowed to, pursue. Continuously growing as an actor, Sara has quickly gained experience, appearing in several TV shows as well as recently shooting her first major role in a horror-thriller feature film in London, UK. 


Throughout the years, Sara has been able to combine her skills, whether that would be in the field of arts or business. Persistently paving her own path, Sara believes in dedication, hard work, and having the courage to follow the heart. Like many others, she tries her best to contribute to making this world a bit of a better place for everyone, but understands that the learning journey never ends.

You can read more about her as an actor here and more on her work in DEI and public speaking here.  

Random Facts

Sara practices the piano, yoga, boxing, and hiking. She describes herself as an average cook and a killer carpool karaoke singer. 

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