Hey, I'm Sara.

Since 1988

Breaking stereotypes and building bridges has always been my ultimate passion. I've dedicated my life's work to create a positive impact on our society – whether it be big or small. I live in Helsinki, Finland, a rapidly changing city that I've grown to love.

In 2016, my previously co-owned branding agency, launched the first Ramadan and Eid campaign of Finland held in shopping centre Itis. This was definitely one the highlights of my entire life, and paved way to my work as a diversity and inclusion specialist in marketing and communications. My current work ranges from delivering keynote speeches (check out my speech on TedX), producing creative marketing campaigns, training leaders and managers on diversity and inclusion, as well as creating films and events. With each project, I've strived to create a more inclusive representation of our society. 

My Finnish and Iranian roots give me first-hand insight on growing up between two different cultures. I'm an activist, a mother, an average cook, and a killer carpool karaoke singer. I've been featured on several TV shows advocating Muslim women, such as the documentary series Siskot directed by Paola Suhonen. 

I'm always up for something new and radical, so if you're looking for a top speaker or planning your next production, in need of consultation or a workshop, feel free to contact below!


"Yes, I'm dangerous"

And other stereotypes 

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